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It's official; This is the Most Photogenic Winter City in the World!

December 2017 

Want to escape with your partner to a quiet seaside getaway with magical sunsets? HolidayIQ reviewers know exactly where you should be heading to.
The study ranking the most Instagrammed winter locations was carried out by Focus Clinic, a laser eye surgery clinic which researched the frequency at which popular cities all across the world were hashtagged on the social media platform Instagram.
Bern amassed a frankly unbelievable 1,082,000 tagged photos, whilst the magical skiing destination of Aspen in Colorado came in a close second with 935,000. Perhaps unsurprisingly Norway's city of Tromso was tagged 768,516 times, taking third place; no doubt down to the fact the city is synonymous with the spectacular Aurora Borealis.

Bern Switzerland
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Bern was not the only instagrammable Swiss location to feature on the Top 10 list provided by Focus Clinic. The alpine village of Zermatt came in at sixth place with 400,215 tagged photos and the Swiss ski resort of Grindelwald ranked number ten with 149,836 tags. Switzerland is clearly a very photogenic nation in general, with three stunning winter locations placing within the Top 10.
But it's the stunning city of Bern which has featured in more Instagram posts than any other country in the world. So we think it's time to have a look at some of those beautiful winter-themed shots!

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Wednesday, 6 December 2017


December 2017

1. Havelock Island

HolidayIQ reviewer Archi Banerjee adds, “The Howrah bridge, a natural coral bridge is a must watch so is the sunset point, where everyone gathers in the evening to watch the wonderful sunset. Near the Howrah bridge you can find a whole lot of sea life and living corals. …Neil Island is a place to sit back and enjoy nature”
HolidayIQ reviewer Akash Banerjee says, “Pristine white sand beach and nothing else…The beach is wonderful and is a picture to behold. The sunset at the beach is a wonderful sight.”

2. Alappuzha (Alleppey)

HolidayIQ reviewer Amitra Kar adds, “ Being one of the finest beaches of Kerala, it is one of the busiest as well and there are plenty of reasons for it. It’s a clean white sandy long beach which is best viewed during sunsets when the pier provides a unique and magnificent photo opportunity. ”
HolidayIQ reviewer Rizwanuddin Rafiq says, “Vembanad Lake also known as Punnamada Lake, it is the longest lake in India and it is the largest lake in Kerala. Famous for its boats and cruise….This backwater and boat’s journey at least I can not forget. Really this was a milestone of my romantic trip. ”

10 Quiet Beaches Where the Sunsets Are Incredibly Romantic
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3. Kozhikode (Calicut)

HolidayIQ reviewer Joji Joseph says, “Watch sunset nibbling seafood delicacies at Kozhikode Beach …sight of a clear sunset. We walked along the Dolphin’s point and the spectacle of Dolphins playing in the water was mind blowing. ”
HolidayIQ reviewer aviral Mukherjee adds, “Beautiful sunset at Kozhikode Beach …go with any mood return with the most romantic ones!!!!… It was 5 in the evening and the perfect time to be there. There was some musical show going on and we could enjoy both. The sunset along with Malayali music. ”

4. Canacona

HolidayIQ reviewer Nikhil Manchanda shares, “A clean beach with lots of seashells to be collected. A worth while visit with a no water sports though but it offers Dolphin rides which are quite enjoyable and fun. … quiet and tranquil experience.”
HolidayIQ reviewer vijay adds, “Beautiful and calm beach to stay. It is worth to visit this beach. Sunrise and sunset looks awesome. Very good place to relax. Very good ambiance in the evening.”

5. Vagator

HolidayIQ reviewer Rizwanuddin Rafiq shares, “The sunset is wonderful through rocks…This beach is providing all the opportunities fun, sea bath, tanning-Sun bath, and the magnificent sunset View, which is a major attraction, and much more to increase the majesty of your vacations or holidays.”
HolidayIQ reviewer Hridesh Singh Tomar says, “Divine sunset view at amazing beach …Amazing, picturesque and nice beach, with superb food options. A beach where you can spend quality time with your partner without being bothered by the crowd and away from the hustle-bustle of places”

6. Mandrem

HolidayIQ reviewer Rizwanuddin Rafiq shares, “Mandrem is another quiet beach, the most affectionate for me and for others, the best preserved paradise on the North Goan coast…. It is one of the safest beaches and has numerous Beach shacks, really served fine sea food and beverage of your choice. This beach is also a great choice for foreign tourists, it has very soft and nice sand a very good stretch and beach is having uniform gradient and waves are really nice. …The waves of the beautiful Arabian sea helps you get back to you. I love the beach, and I love sunshine perhaps I am crazy. Really this is the most attractive and beautiful Beach In North Goa. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away.”
HolidayIQ reviewer Rizwanuddin Rafiq says, “This is place where blue sapphire coloured ocean will make you to be romantic, as well as a perfect beach for physical transform and beach shacks play their role sincerely. …This beach is very peaceful and for sun bath…Having a nice stretch and soft golden sand backed by the coconut and palm trees. ”

7. Varkala

HolidayIQ reviewer Gaurav Vashistha shares, “It is one of the best beach I have visited, you must visit here. Best time is during sunset. There are quite a few people. The beach is really long and wide, so it feels enough space for everyone. The good thing is that the restaurants are really close to the beach. Best place to relax and rejuvenate yourself.”

8. Gokarna

HolidayIQ reviewer Ami Bhat says, “We stayed at the Kudle beach …Dotted with rocks, this is an amazing place to just sit around and relax. There are plenty of shacks on the beach which gives you quite a few food options. The beach is freq…The sunset on the beach is really beautiful and worth a million clicks. ”
HolidayIQ reviewer Sreesha Divakaran shares, “Om Beach – blissful and serene … I’ve always considered myself a beach person. Which is why, for me, Om Beach was like the cherry on the icing! Not only is it a pleasant beach, it was less crowded and VERY clean! ”

9. Mandarmani

HolidayIQ reviewer Pranesh Sarkar shares, “Walking at the beach during sunrise/sunset is an awesome feeling….go to the Mohona where you can see Red Crabs. A very pleasant atmosphere during sunset. ”
HolidayIQ reviewer Shyamal Choudhury shares, “Peaceful beach… If you are looking for a calm and quiet vacation for two to three days, a perfect location to choose from.”

10. Malvan

HolidayIQ reviewer Konark Patel adds, “Serene White Sand Beach…Visiting the beach after dinner in the night was one of the best moments of my life – Peaceful moment with sound of the waves pleasing the soul! Try to visit the beach during sunset for witnessing one of the best views. Carry torch at night as crabs are active at night on the beach.”
HolidayIQ reviewer Mrunalini Randive says, “Perfect place for Holiday. Beach is clean and water is clear. Had awesome experience during scuba driving. For fish lovers food is excellent. sunset on this beach is very beautiful.”

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

November 2017

We all have our own bucket list of dream destinations. For some it may be a night in Vegas while for other it may be a day in Africa! It’s, however, more fun to add items to your bucket list and much difficult to cross them out.
So instead of waiting for a Harry Potter wand to fulfill your dream, how about wandering somewhere closer to your home? We bring you places – activities that are just similar to their international counterparts. Yes, we are your genie today… your dream is knocking on the door. Pick it-wrap it and just let go!

Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads

Alps in Switzerland and Auli in Uttrakhand
Just a postcard image of the mighty Alps is enough for anyone to sigh. It’s certainly a heaven on earth and a dream of every adventure enthusiast. But if there is something holding you from fulfilling your dream of skiing on Alps, then stop grumbling!
Head straight to Auli, a skiing resort tucked in the Garhwal Himalayas.The snow clad slopes here are perfect to give any international ski resort a run for its money. The picturesque setting of Auli in the lap of Himalayas further provide skiers with various options like cross country, slalom and down–hill. So, brush up your ski skills in Auli before you plan to fly to Switzerland!

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

Tomorrow land in Belgium and Sunburn in Goa
Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike…If you have heard these names then you know what we are talking about! Tomorrow land is a dream that every 20+ dreams right from his college days. The goose bumps that you get while watching ‘After-movies’ can be felt Live, while your favorite DJ’s perform.
Sunburn, the biggest music festival of India is gradually making its place in the ‘Best Music festivals around the world’. Three days pumped with mind-blowing tracks from World’s Best DJ’s on beautiful beaches of Goa is certainly a ‘must-have’ experience while in you are in the ‘bachelor’ period of your life.

Not all those who wander are lost

Backpacking in Europe and North East India
A backpacking trip in Europe is a dream for someone, who can go for days in just one T-shirt and a jean. Strolling through the streets of Paris and long- busting greenery of Spain gets a monstrous travel itch in every youngster.
North Eastern India has some marvelous off-beat destinations that can be best enjoyed on foot with your whole gang.Backpack through beautiful root bridges of Meghalaya, trek in Dzukou valley, captivate with the breathtaking sunrise view at Tiger hills in Darjeeling. Stop fearing and pack your bags!

Coffee is always a good idea

Brazil and Coorg
Not everybody who visit Brazil has the same motive of shaking a leg in the carnival. There are some other too, who are ready to spend hefty amounts for just that perfect cup of coffee. There is nothing in the world that can beat Brazilian Coffee.
Coorg ‘Coffee Cup of India’ is known worldwide for its finest coffee. For a coffee lover, this is the perfect place to witness how your morning magic is cultivated, processed and packed to reach your homes. And if while all this you feel a little lethargic, then don’t worry we have the best coffee for you – ‘Filter Kaapi’.Enjoy!

A camel ride in desert is just another beginning of an adventure

The Sahara Desert and the Thar Desert
If Alchemist, gave you a beautiful imagery of the Sahara and since reading the book you too are captivated by the idea of a journey in Sahara Desert, then we have a surprise for you!
An enthralling ride on colorful camels awaits for you in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan.Amazing sand dunes with trails of camels being led by saffron turbaned locals, breathtaking sunset and warm locals …there is no better way to enjoy an exotic Camel Safari than in Thar. Get mesmerized with colors of this beautiful state of ‘Rajasthan’.

In the Jungle the mighty Jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

Kenya Wildlife Reserve and Ranthambore National Park
‘Welcome, welcome welcome’, thanks to Blended movie for re-escalating Africa in our bucket-lists. Kenya is best known worldwide for its magnificent wildlife safaris and Masai tribes. Just the reference of this place is enough to bring the images of ‘Lion King’ in our mind.
With more than 99 national parks, 40 tiger reserves and 450 wildlife sanctuaries, India is certainly best place to have some close encounters with wildlife in their natural habitat. Begin your exploration with Ranthambore National Park, where the majestic tiger roams free in his kingdom wild boars remind you of Pumba.

Ranthambore Tour from Mumbai
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Dive into the world of blue

Thailand and Lakshadweep
Numerous islands scattered on the crystal blue waters, Thailand, is a favorite destination for ocean lovers. With its amazing location and shimmering coastline this place is an ideal spot for marine enthusiasts.
Lakshadweep, a paradise in the Indian Ocean is certainly not to be taken lightly.There is whole world beneath the water waiting for you! Indulge in mind-blowing water adventures, dive in the turquoise waters, feel the coral reefs…as this little island is a treasure of aquatic wonders.

Lakshwadeep Tour from Mumbai
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Astounding blend of cascading water with the silent land

Niagara Falls, Canada and Athirapilly Falls
KeralaOnce a honeymoon destination, Niagra Falls has slowly evolved as a favorite family holiday spot. Sailing under these gigantic falls is certainly known for giving spine chilling thrills to all those who visit this beautiful place.
Athirapilly in Kerala has earned the name of ‘Niagara Falls’ of India and we truly agree with this title! To believe it you have to see it, sprawling across 330 ft with beautiful lush green trees on both sides give this place a perfect vacation outlook. Drenching in Niagara can wait…as you know have the perfect substitute for it, right next! However, you can enjoy skiing in india along with their family and friends.

A romantic ride under the moon at night

Yatch Ride, Florida and Mumbai
If you are exhausted with seeing amazing pictures of people enjoying Yatch parties in Florida on Instagram, then hold your sobs! We are here for your rescue. There is no second opinion, about mind-blowing Yatch parties in seductive beaches of US.
There is some amazing trips that you can plan in Mumbai, rent a Yatch and live your dream of late night party, booze and un-ending fun. Pack your bags, plan your gang and get dancing as “Tic-Toc on the clock, But the party don’t stop”.

Fill your guns, it’s a water fight

Songkran Water Festival and Holi
If International Music festivals are the only events that attract Indians, Bazingaa! There are some more too. Songkran Water Festival, a 3-day water festivals marks the Thai’s New Year. Street fights between family and friends with water pistols is something that marks this event.
There is certainly nothing that can beat Indian Holi! Creepy faces smashed in rainbow colors and streams of water being sprayed from almost every direction is something that makes it much more than a festival. We Indians are certainly lucky enough to be born in a land where every festival is a reason for yet another celebration!

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